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Monday, 20 June 2011

Parchment Show Bristol, 19th June 2011

Yesterday I was not feeling too bad, I had a good day with not much pain, the stitches are still in hopefully they will be out on Friday, Vernon took me to the Parchment Show in Bristol. The weather was supposed to be better than Saturday, we had a lot of heavy showers on Saturday, it did stay fine a lot longer than forcasted. These are some of the photos I took I have selected the best of the 70 plus photos I took, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much I did taking them. There is only one thing when you go to shows you spend a lot of money, but I did find some lovely things, and I am sure they will not be wasted, may have to sit and waited until I get around to using them.
I am still learning parchment, the form of art is very delicate and takes a lot of practice. Their is so much that can be made in Parchment, these are just some of the things from the show.

This is a picture of Jewellery made in parchment, Vernon did make a comment when he was looking at them, he does not think they would last very long, they are very delicate, so I think it would be only worn once, for a special occasion.

Baby cradles and prams, this cradle actually rocks.

Flowers in Parchment including the leaves, I brought the pattern for the lilies so one day I will be trying to make these.

A slice of cake anyone?????? Calorie free made from parchment

Wedding car, complete with ribbons.


This picture has 3d flowers made from a punch, and the font is printed from a computer and then embossed onto the centre of the picture. The lady sat at this table where this was said it was easy!

These photos as just a selection of beautiful cards on show. The peacock is really beautiful, oh how I love to be able to make it, They say it is practice, and I am sure after many of years I might just be able to do it.

This beautiful picture was made by one lady who loves lace work, she was telling me that she had a special pair of glasses made by her optician so they were magnified by 3 times so she can do this very lacy work, this picture had gem stones in each of the circles and was framed. A truly beautiful piece of parchment.

Fan, are you hot! this beautiful fan and stand were both made in parchment and was a show stopper.

I really enjoyed the few hours we had at the show, even Vernon enjoyed it, he was watching so that no one push my back, We meet a lady called Carol who with her Friend sat at our table to drink there coffee, (I was naughty I had a piece of carrot cake) Carol has her our blog link here, we got talking and exchanged blog address, Carol was amazed about my mole and could not believe that what started as a sample ended up with the whole mole being taken out without even asking me. I hope Carol had a lovely day and had a safe journey back to Farnham.

I meet Christine Coleman and Tina Cox and had a conversation with both, Tina Cox was on Ideal world a few months ago, she only has one hand but is still able to do such wonderful designs, I saw her do the some cut work which I tried after watching her, and I told her that if she can do it with one hand then I must be able to do the same with two. She cut the crosses in one block before turning the parchment around to do the other sides, I have found this much easier than turning the parchment around and around to do each cross. There was so many designers that I am sorry I cant tell you designed what in the photos, they all were amazing designs. If you ever get a chance to see a parchment show do go and have a look the workmanship and hours that have been put into making these creations are simply amazing.

Still no date for my op, its getting a bit much now, as soon as I have a date I will post it.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the pictures, and until we meet again in blog land take care.




  1. Hi Margaret,

    Thanks very much for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I hope you will come visit often :))

    Your blog is very nice with a large variety of wonderful things to look at. I also knit (and do nearly every other craft there is...well, I "used" to do all those other crafts...lol) so I truly enjoyed seeing your knitted tablecloths. Beautiful work!!


  2. Hi Margaret, Sounds like you had a lovely day, glad you were well enough to do it, always feel better after a day out or friends calling even....well the samples from the show are truely amazing, never seen such beautiful work, wow,but you know I already think your parchment is brilliant, better get cracking girl..lol..xxxx

  3. Hi Margaret, the photos are beautiful,some outstanding works of art. and it sound like you had a lovely day out, Just what you needed to cheer you up a wee bit.
    Kevin xx

  4. hiya margaret.so pleased you had a lovely day out and your pics are brilliant.really love the beautiful parchment jewellery :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Hi Margaret, Love the photos and so happy that you had a lovely day out!
    Hugs Margaretha!

  6. What a wonderful exhibit! Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. Margaret, I Still need your address to mail out your sample papers, you can post to me on my blog under comments, they are moderated so it won't show up and i will delete it so no one else will ever see it. I will be sending the packages out before the end of the week. I posted on my comments but haven't heard from anyone, so I am posting here :)


  8. Fabulous work Margaret and such a lovely variety of work.


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