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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Knitted Tablecloths


A few weeks ago someone and I cant remember who asked to see my knitted tablecloths, well here some of them are.

This was my first tablecloth and was knitted around the beginning of 1980, I found this pattern in the wool shop it had the doily, coffee table mat and then the tablecloth, thinking I would not be able to knit it I started with the doily and it grow and grow I just carried on knitting until I finished the cloth. I took a year on and off and was started with 8sts and ended up with 2,000 stitches and I had to use three circular needles as I was unable to get a very very long one. It was knitted with coats anchor cotton no 20 and took 13 balls.
This is a close up of the middle.

This cloth is a muiti brown and cream cotton again no 20 and I think it was DMC this was a German pattern from the Anna Magazine using a graph, German patterns are on graphs and not written out like the English pattern, once you master the graph they are easy to do.
Close up

This pale pink one was also knitted with coats cotton no 20 and was also a German pattern again from the Anna Magazine.

This long mat is my own design, I knitted it with no 20 cotton but it was a long time ago and I cant remember what cotton I used.

Close up of the pattern

The photos were done using the floor so they are not the best but hopefully shows the designs for you. I hope you have enjoyed this post I am knitting a cloth at the moment I am on round 154 and have around 750 stitches, not a lot more to knit it finishes on round 201 and around 1,152 stitches.

I hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine we are having today, hopefully it will continue for a bit longer. I hope to find time to sit out in the sun before Vernon comes home and do a few more rounds of knitting, I promise when its finished I will post a photo.

I still cant leave comments on a lot of blogs, on some I found a way round but others it just wont let me, blogger say they are working on the problems, so far I have deleted all the cookies like they said and done a few more changes but so far nothing has worked. I hope they get this problem sorted out soon, I would like to say to Janette your card is beautiful and Nic sorry I still cant leave you any comments, and to anyone else that I have missed out I will catch up with you asap when its sorted.

Until we meet again take care

Hugs Margaret


  1. What beautiful cloths, stunning designs.... Icant imagine knitting so many stitches on just one row, don't think I would have enough patience, keep going lol
    Tilly x

  2. hi margaret,these are fab,am doing some knitting at the moment,a bit rusty so just practising and making a bag but only 30 stitches a row,look forward to seeing yours when its finished,x

  3. these are fabulous margaret,so beautiful and they must take a lot of patience to make :D
    aw don`t worry about commenting, it will fix itself soon, hopefully.
    take care :D

    xx coops xx

  4. Hi Margaret! Love your knitted tablecloths it sounds like they are a real daunting project! But well worth the effort you have some truly beautiful heirlooms there.

  5. Wow Margaret, those table cloths are Stunning.
    Kevin xx

  6. Those are so beautiful! I can't imagine how that's done.. With a really long set of needles..? You don't see treasures like that every day. :)

  7. these are gorgeous

    Sorry I have not been able to visit your blog for a while, there has been blogging issues and personal issues.

  8. This is brilliant well done Margaret>.


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