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Friday, 10 June 2011

Network Pattern and My Orchid


At the moment I am watching the weather, they say we are going to have rain but so far today my washing has been out and hopefully might get dry before the black clouds arrive and the heavens open. We had such beautiful weather in March and April and although I did manage to sit in the garden a couple of days last week, its not been so good this week.

I don't have much to bring you at the moment I have been working on something which was an idea from Suzanne but the pattern I did although I had not seen the original it is from something else and I have to start again, although Jane has said I can use it, I was going to name the pattern after Suzanne, so its back to the drawing board for something unique for her. Her son gets married tomorrow and I hope they have a lovely day and the weather is kind to them both. My congratulations are sent to both of them may they have many happy years together.
This doily I made years ago and I found it when I was emptying the units before we got the new furniture, I saved it for a day when I had nothing to post. Its from a book called Tatting with Visual patterns by Mary Konior, and the pattern was called Network. I know the cotton is by Coats and is a variegated pink. this is a close up for you.
Here is my Orchid now fully out in flower, I think I have already told you orchids are my favorite flower.

I am having physio now on my shoulder and arm, the left arm has been very painful and I can hardy use it at times, I had another session this morning, we were discussing how bad it was on Tuesday and how ill I was with the gall bladder pain, that the physio suddenly said that the two are connected in the back of her mind she is sure that people with gall bladder problems do have pain in the left shoulder, she given me some more exercises to do to get it or rather keep it working. I never did put the two together well why would I its different areas of the body.

I hope you are keeping well, and until we meet again in blog land take care




  1. Gorgeous doily Margeret, I like the desing and colour, have a nice weekend.
    Kevin xx

  2. The doily is gorgeous Margaret, we have had rain all morning here until around 1 ish, now it's lovely, who knows....hope all is soon sorted on the health front for you.xxx

  3. stunning doily margaret.the colour is beautifu and i love your orchid.i hope the pyhsio and exercises help you a little :D

    xx coops xx

  4. When I was having difficulty commenting on blogs recently, at first I thought it was my computer's fault, since no one seemed to be complaining from Tatland. But on Blogger's 'known issues' site, they admitted that 'some' bloggers were having problems. I just waited it out and, happily, the problem at Blogger seems to be fixed. Hope it is for you, also!

    I must comment here about your knitted tablecloths from your previous post. My mind is totally boggled! They are fabulous! The only piece of knitted lace I ever did was a collar, and that was enough for me! I'm amazed how anyone can knit with fine thread and fine needles and create shawls and tablecloths! I did a lacy afghan, but with worsted yarn and size 8 needles. My hands just can't deal with the skinny needles, and I'm sure I'd get lost in those intricate tablecloth patterns! I love to knit sweaters and especially the Aran ones, but they don't get larger and larger with each round!

    Also, I'm impressed with all your crafts and skills, and I'm sorry you're experiencing some difficult health issues. Hope they get resolved soon. Don't worry about posting any tatting. Sometimes one has to just sit and 'relax'. That's a pretty pink doily, and the orchid is gorgeous!


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