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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Update on yesterdays post dated 29th June 2011

Yesterday I said that I would let you know what has been happening, its a long story but I will try and keep it short,
I had a mole removed which I think I told you about, well her sewing up let a lot to be desired, I had the stitches out last Thursday. I went to have my pre-op assessment for my op on Friday and then went shopping, during the afternoon the hole popped open. Vernon took me to Shepton Hospital where they dressed it and said they wanted to see me every two days, nothing was said about me going on holiday.
On Saturday when I got back from Cheese and Grain in Frome, my back was very sore Vernon had another look only to find it was bleeding again, he took me back to Shepton Hospital. This time I had different nurse and she was horrible, she told me that I could not go on holiday and had to have permission from my GP, and it would take 8 weeks to heal and would not be able to have my Op and to go straight to my surgery.
To say the least I was upset, we went to our doctors surgery on Monday, they dressed it and would let us know about travelling. Last night we went back again and Beth has said that I can travel, you can't travel with stitches in but I don't have any stitches as the hole has popped open and they cant re-stitch it up once it has had stitches in. She is teaching Vernon how to redress the hole, it has started to heal and she does not see any reason if it continues to heal that the op will go ahead on the 11th July.
We are away from one week and will be back on the 9th July, I have looked forward to this holiday for a very long time, so I will be able to relax by the lake and have a rest of course taking my tatting with me while I relax, ready for the op.
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  1. Good News, I hope you have a wonderful holiday
    Kevin xx

  2. oh dear Margaret, I could have stitched your would better than that lol...hope it soon heals and you enjoy the holiday

  3. oh margaret.your back sounds so sore but i am pleased you can go on holiday.
    have a wonderful relaxing time :D

    xx coops xx

  4. Hi Margaret
    I hope you both manage to have a good worry free break and that all is healed before you come back for your op.


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