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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Very Sad Weekend


This is a very sad weekend, even the weather with high winds and pouring with rain this morning and it looks like its set for the day can't cheer us up.

Yesterday was a bad day this is Gussie a Belgium Griffon who sadly died yesterday, she was my Mothers dog at the age of 14 years old, with 7 years to each human life = she was 98, by the way my Mother is 89 this year. Gussie was also called Miss Pickle, her sister Gertie always seem to look after her, as well as looking after Mother she like a little mother hen (only she over weight and often called pudding). Gussie had an op last year to remove her eye that had gone, she was in pain and the vet decided that it was the best thing to remove her eye, she had got used to life with only one eye and no one really knew she had a missing eye unless they looked very hard. OK she occasionally bumped into things, quite often Gertie, amazing she would sit on her, walk on her but she never complained at her. She had recovered well and was running around like a two year old, she went down hill very fast and in the end it was kinder for vet to put her to sleep. The vet was wonderful yesterday and let mother hold her in her lap while she put the injection.

This is Haie today is the anniversary of her death, she died nine years at the age of 8. I only had her for three years in that time she had a tumor in her ear which the vet removed including her ear drum, so she only her one ear, they left the flap so no one knew she was deaf. Oh yes she was another pickle she would lie on her good ear so you could shout and shout, she just never heard. These pictures were taken in the garden I had before I moved in with my then future husband to be Vernon. One of her tricks was to get out and go down the road (across a main road) and arrive at mothers, when she opened the front door she would walk in stole down the hall to the kitchen and have a drink (my water was not good enough) I might add at that time I live at the bottom of Mother road on the main road, you could walk it in about 2 minutes, but my water was not good enough.

When we move in with Vernon she was not well and we thought it was the move that had upset her but four weeks later she was very ill and the vet took an x-ray to find tumors in her liver. She was then in pain and I had her put to sleep, a month later mothers dog then died. We went back to the kennels where we got our dogs and she had two sisters which mother had, they were from Haie's last litter. We can see Haie in both of them so shes always been with us.

Rest in Peace my loves




  1. Oh Margaret. I am so sorry. It is always so difficult when our pets must leave us. Thinking about you.
    ♥ Fox

  2. Awww Margaret I am sorry, it really is like losing a member of the family, take care.xxx

  3. Sending you biiiiggggg hugs Margaret x I love my dogs like children so I know how much of a comfort they are and how you will miss Gussie x Leigh x

  4. sos sad when our pets die, but better than letting them be in pain, enjoy your memories
    Tilly x

  5. oh margaret.i am so sorry. sending you hugs.

    xx coops xx


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