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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Angels Bookmarks and Fluffy Snowflake, 22/25

I cant believe its a week since I posted anything here on my blog,  I am still awaiting this urgent CT scan we are now in the third week and it was up to four weeks waiting time.   NHS at its best.  In the meantime I continue to live on painkillers. 
Its not a bad day here and yesterday was lovely with sunshine but today has been duller and we had mist before the sun finally came out,  I think its a little warmer today which is good.  If we could just get a few days of warmth Vernon might be able to cut my meadow lawn before the winter.
I have not been up to much but I have been playing and done some designing I have one test tatter and I am looking and hoping for a couple more before I tell you anything more about my new little pattern.  I do hope you will like it when I unveil it.
I did make this Leens Tatted Angel,  I was not happy with it,  all the more so when Vernon asked what is it supposed to be,  this from a man who knows nothing about tatting when I meet him and he had never heard of it let alone seen it.   He could not see the head and there is really no head just a halo,  which I think the round space put him off. 
So I put a round ring in the middle for the head,  he preferred the ring in the middle as the head.  I had thought of putting a bead in the middle.  Perhaps its the colour I used,  Lizbeth Christmas Delight No 20,  would it look better in white I will try another one soon and perhaps some beads around the halo and bottom of the shirt.
This is the one with the ring in the middle,  I will leave it you as to what you think.  Link for the pattern is here

I did another Flowering Quatrain Bookmark by Joelle,  I love this pattern again I did the tassel with a square of the corners of the bookmark   this time I used Lizbeth Butterfly Breeze No 20
Link for the pattern here

I thought I would try this pattern for the first time its the Spiral Bookmark which was adapted from edging # 1,  page 23 in Tatting Doilies and Edgings Dover Press edited by Rita Weiss,  which I got from Intatters,  I used Lizbeth white and Butterfly Breeze no 20,   I like this pattern and are planning to do this again in different colours.
Now for my Fluffy snowflake, designed by Wally Sasa   I saw this on Mary's Blog link here  When  I saw Mary's I had to do it,  I had a job to find the pattern but got there in the end,  unfortunately I don't have a link for it but I found it on Needles-N-Shuttles.  I used Oben Bayan Koton Perle no 8 in  variegated blue and white.  not sure if this is really the right colours for christmas but I really like this fluffy snowflake something different for a change.  I am planning to make more of these.
Back to my playing and finishing off my little pattern,  a clue as to what it might be is on this page........
I hope you are having a nice weekend,  the sun is shining on you wherever you are.   Until we meet again take care


  1. Beautiful work Margaret. Ginny ♥

  2. some beautiful work here Margaret.... I love the summer breeze thread, it looks so delicate, the snowflake is lovely in blue as it gives a cold feel lol..... we have beautiful sunshine and blue skies here today...... hope you get your appointment soon

  3. These are all beautiful Margaret, I love the angel.
    Kevin xx

  4. Love all of these Margaret,I do hope you get your appointment soon.xxx

  5. You've been doing a lot of tatting! This angel looks good now, and seems to be a candidate for a doodad in the center of the body! I like that spiral bookmark and also the Flowering Quatrain, with the special tassel. The snowflakes are beautifully tatted, and the fluffy one is so unique and eye-catching! Beautiful work!

  6. Well done, Margaret! Lovely tats. Your hand must have been flying. I like them all.
    Hope you get your appointment soon. I think 4 weeks for urgent is terrible!

  7. Hi Margaret,
    One more week to go. Hope you are keeping well. I would love to test tat for you. Could it be an angel??
    Your tatting looks wonderful. I love the Flowering Quatrain pattern too and try the spiral bookmark in two collours. The fluffy snowflake looks interesting.

  8. Your work is really beautiful Margaret. I really love the flower bookmark but all of them are gorgeous. Hope you get seen to soon and that your pain lessens. Michelle x

  9. Wow, all of these are fabulous. I love the snowflake!

  10. Your angels are sweet!! :)
    Your bookmarks and snowflake are awesome!!! :)

  11. Oh my this is so fab not surewhich I love best think the book mark would be the most useful that is if i can get round to reading without falling asleep. Beautiful work. Hugs Sue xx


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