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Friday, 12 October 2012

I love Yarn Day- 12th October, 2012

Today is Love Yarn Day,  and here is my lastest items that I have 
knitted,  and Oh boy did this yarn test me,   Its been a pain so much so that Vernon said throw the ball away.   But in the end I won the war of the ball so to speak and here they are.
These booties did not start out as booties,  I saw this ball in the wool shop in Shepton Mallet.  Lovely I thought, (not what I think now)  I took it to Crete and started a baby's jacket,   I got half way and found I did not have enough wool,  so when I got home I asked Mike do you have anymore,  oh he is so good,  he asked the rep and he found two balls.  Brilliant only when I knitted the sleeves I found the dye did not match the rest of the jacket.  What is it they say match the number before your knit,   well I thought I had,   I should have known better how many years have I been knitting and I missed the golden rule,   naughty girl.    So I unpicked the whole jacket minus the sleeves and re-knitted the booties and mittens in Rhodes.  Only the mittens pattern I took with me was for premature babies so they were tiny and booties for 0 to 6 months,   Had another go so here they are finally one pair of mittens and booties for 0 to 6 months.   They are in my Esty shop.  (Please sell I am fed up with them)
This is the jacket I finished it last night,  I forgot to get the buttons on saturday buts its finished,   so when I have washed it and put the buttons on, this will go into my esty shop.
I now hate this wool and I have one ball of blue,  yep I bought pink and blue,  I am going to put a plain colour with the blue and hopefully make a  jacket for a boy,  thats the plan,   but you never know with this wool that really might end up in the bin if its as much a pain as the pink.
The Yarn I have been playing with is Robin Jelli Been double knitting,  I think they have discontinued it,   Robin is good wool but I did get really fed up with it.   Usually I don't have much trouble with knitting all I can say is watch this space and I will let you know how I get on.
Hope you are having a good day.


  1. Oh Dear Margaret......... they are lovely now they are done, but what a pain lol, hope they soon sell

  2. I also love yarn... most of it! You are more determined than I. Those balls would have ended up in the resale shop if they'd been mine.

  3. They are gorgeous you must have a lot of patience hugs Ginny ♥

  4. I can't see a link to your Etsy shop!

  5. That's a LOT of work in that sweater! All those cables! You would never know looking at these adorable items that you had so much trouble with the yarn! I give you credit for your patience nd perseverance!!

  6. Gosh you did an amazing job with that jacket Margaret, beautifully made even with all the hassel! Gorgeous booties and mittens too. Michelle x

  7. Hi Margaret, Well, after all that, you have made a beautiful job of your creations, so all well...lol....but I do think I would have taken Vernons advice..lol....xxxx


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