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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tat Along Tating Challenge Round 4 and Finish 21/25

The sun is shining here in Somerset at last,  and the best day we have had for some time,  Still waiting for the CT scan  so its keep taking the painkillers.  
Here is my tat along challenge mat finished,  this challenge was set by Jon from link to her blog.   Its been a very sucessful challenge with so many tatters around the world joining in and the range of colours used is amazing. The last round had clovers, clovers for those who are not tatters are a set of three rings which you will see at the ends sticking out around the mat,  there are eight in all,   there was two ways of doing them,  I took the easy way due to not feeling well.   I made the clovers separate and then attached them as I tatted the last round.   I am very pleased with the mat and I am going to keep it for myself.   I used Lizbeth no 20 in Scottish Thistle.  I took the picture on the windowsill so it may not be the best picture but its was the best place for the light.
I had this brilliant card from Fox the other day,  he's sitting on my fireplace at the moment,   she sent some of her silk thread which she says she does not like the thread,  and sent to me some to try.   Thank you for the thread and here is two butterflies that I made with some of it.
The first one is Mary Koniors butterfly from her book Tatting Patterns,  its one of those patterns that I have learnt by heart and if I want to test or find out how colours will flow this is my pattern.   The second Butterfly is Papillon,  oh dear I did not do very well with,  its a gorgeous pattern by Joelle link to her blog  unfortunately this pattern does not like me even though I think its beautiful,  the last picture shows my first attempt,  in Lizbeth Blue River Glades in no 40 thread.

First attempt at Papillon

I hope you are having a nice weekend and enjoying the sunshine,  until we meet again take care.


  1. Beautiful Margaret hugs Ginny ♥

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I do love that Scottish Thistle thread, and the butterflies are wonderful!

  3. Hi Margaret! Your mat is really lovely and the colour is gorgeous, also love the butterflies!
    Hugs Margaretha!

  4. Your lace mat is beautiful! I love the color of that thread! :)

  5. margaret, your mat is beautiful, it loks like hard work to me but so worth it. im glad you are keeping it for yourself. the butterfly's are so pretty. i like them both.

    hope you hear about the scan soon and they can get you back to normal soon.


  6. Your mat is gorgeous!!! :)
    And your butterflies are all beautiful!! :)

  7. Hi Margaret,Gorgeous work as always....hope you get some results soon hun....take care..xxx


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