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Monday, 1 October 2012

The Old Town of Rhodes

This is a selection of pictures from the old town,  I am going to let you wander down the page and enjoy the narrow street and shops that make up this walled town,   It has now been declared a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO.    There's a lot of history to this town  from the Greek Mythology,  to the Romans and then to the Knights of St John who established themselves in Rhodes in 1309,   the Knights renovated, strengthened and extended the Byzantine walls and made Rhodes the capital of their idiomorphic but important state.  This was rudely interrupted in 1522 when after a five month siege the island fell into the hands of the Turkish sultan Suleiman the Magnificent,   that lasted for 390 years.  After the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the declaration of the new Greek State Rhodes remained under Turkish yoke until 1912,  when the Italians captured the island.  The Italians held the island until the defeat of the Axis powers during the Second World War when Rhodes was finally united with Greece.   (this information came from the Tourist guild to Rhodes) My history is not that good.

 We saw this growing in a little plot and we have no idea what it is?   but the plant was climb over the trees with this hanging,   there was some more higher up in the trees and it looks like a vegetable.

 This little square,  somewhere with a bit of shade for us to sit for a while, I was not feeling well on this day so a sit in the shade was welcome,   the shop keeper from the shop behind the tree spoke to me and told me it was 35c,  there was no wind and it felt really hot that day.

These Hibiscus were flowering in the little square,  there was some white bushes and these pink ones,  it was really colourful. Every so often there are little places of trees and plants growing.  
 This gate went out into a shady walkway where artist where painting and the rabbit see picture below was,   the walkway continued passed the grand Masters Palace,   and out to the D'Amboise Gate.
The Rabbit,  see last post,  yesterday.
 Wall of the Grand Masters Palace with the cannons sticking out,  I hope you can see them,  there's one just above the palm tree
Grand Masters Palace.
 The moat in between the gates.
The other side of Moat from the walk way between the gates.

Well I hope you enjoyed your walk through the Old Town,   this is just some of the pictures,   I could have taken a lot more.
That concludes my visit to Rhodes.   This was our second visit,  there is something about Rhodes that just draws you back.   I would recommend Rhodes as a place to visit.
Until we meet again,  Take care


  1. These are just so gorgeous, thanks for sharing with us.xxx

  2. Beautiful photos Margaret hugs Ginny ♥

  3. your pics are so stunning margaret.thanks for sharing ;D

    xx coops xx

  4. Thanks so much for the tour! I can't imagine seeing such a place in person!

  5. Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. Thank you Margaret. I can imagine how hot it is at 35 dgrees C and no wind but maybe it isn't as humid as here in Singapore. The vegetable looks like a gourd from the cucumber family and such lovely blooms of hibiscus.

  6. hi margaret, i really enjoyed a walk through old town, thanks for sharing, its the closest i will get to the real thing. the flowers looked so pretty.


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