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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tat along by Renulek (Intatters) Challenge and Orchids

Yesterday was lovely day cold, blue sky, and sunshine,  I went out for the first time for some time   ok it was only to the wool shop but it was out, I got the buttons for the babies cardigan I showed you a week ago now I can finish it off and put it in my esty store, (there is a link to the esty in my sidebar I was asked last time) Then in the evening we went to friends for a couple of hours,  I know I was in pain by the time I got home but it was lovely just to get out of the four walls. Today its cold and rainy, dark and overcast totally different to yesterday.  My scan is on Thursday,  crossing fingers they find what it is.
I have started doing the tat along Challenge from "Intatters" this is another doily pattern,  and I have no doubt I will keep this one too.   This time it was set by Renulek link to her blog  she is Polish oh and shes called the doily a napkin.   The blog is in Polish but blogger will translate the blog.    This is round one and two,  I am using Lizbeth No 20 Sea Island Citrus,  which is a new thread and I have not used before, I treated myself to this one when I brought some thread a couple of months ago.   Its working up very pretty,  I hope I will feel the same when I have done round four it looks a bit of a nightmare. 
My orchid is flowering again,  I took this picture on friday,  well you know I love orchids,  they are my favorite flower.  If you have not seen Wendy's blog over the last couple of days, please pay her a visit link to her blog   she has put some gorgeous pictures of Orchids on her blog,  one is marked especially for me.  Thank you Wendy for finding the photograph and thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures.
Thats it today I hope you have a lovely weekend,
Until we meet again take care



  1. your orchid is lovely Margaret, I have a white and a pink one.
    I love the colour of your thread on this doily and the pattern is very pretty.
    It is cold and wet here, a day for sitting in front of the fire lol, hope the scan goes well on Thursday

  2. Your tatting and your orchid are lovely, Margaret! The air here is cooler and crisper, and I love it! This is my favorite time of year, despite the fact that my sinuses are killing me! What I really need is a good hard frost to kill all the junk in the air.

    I hope to join Renulek's challenge soon. I have a few things to finish up first, including an adorable angel! ;-)

  3. Hi Margaret! Good news your scan is on Thursday, and I sure hope they find out what's going on, and then fix it so you can be better.
    I really like the colours on your thread, and your doily is coming along beautifully. It's nice to keep the hands busy, even when we can't be. Hugs

  4. margaret your doiley is so pretty, i love the colour and the delicate pattern. your orchid looks beautiful too. my favorite flower is the poppy.

  5. Beautiful doily Margaret I like the colours your orchid looks beautiful.
    Kevin xx

  6. Hi Margaret, Your Phaleonopsis is beautiful. I could never grow orchids for them to bloom like that. You doily in sea island citrus is coming along well. I wish I had better photos for you but I usually snap them fast and have very little time to adjust the camera.

  7. Your tat-a-long doily is looking awesome!!! :)


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