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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lace Mat Tat Along Challenge round Three

We woke to a lovely rainbow across the back of the garden with the sky as black as coal in the background   after more rain,   the sun is now shining but with rain to more to come,  its a windy day with the leaves starting to turn Autumn is here,  and winter is not far away.
Today I bring you round three of the tat along which Jon started. I have not changed colour or thread its still Lizbeth no 20 Scottish Thistle.   It was an easy round with long chains,  but the final round does not look so easy.  I still have the ends to sew in but I have decided to keep the mat for myself,  its ages since I did a mat and I love the colouring.
I went to the hospital yesterday and they are arranging a CT scan,   and took a sample but they have said its not cancer,  cancer according to this doctor is not painful until it gets into the last stages.  I am still in a lot of pain and not managing to do a lot,  I have not felt like making any cards which I want to do, lets put this way the heart is willing but the body says forget it,  I am missing doing the Sunday CD challenge,   for the last two weeks I have printed out the image and thats it they are still sitting on the table looking at me.  One thing with Vernon now retired and at home he is able to do most things for me.
Hope you are having a good day,  take care


  1. Hi Margaret, I do hope they will find out what the problem is and get it sorted out for you, I think the worse thing is waiting and not knowing, Your tatting mat is beautiful I like the design and the colours,
    Kevin xx

  2. Margaret, I really like your choice of colour for this mat. It's looking so beautiful!
    Here's hoping the sun remains for a while longer. May you soon be feeling better. Thinking of you, and sending hugs,

  3. Beautiful! Scottish thistle is gorgeous.

  4. It is beautiful Margaret.

  5. Another beautiful set hugs Ginny ♥

  6. wow!! this is stunning. so delicate x


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