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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Test Tatting - The Duchess 19/25 Motif challenge

I offered to test tat the Duchess pattern for Fox,  link to her blog

As many of you may not know I came home ill from Greece,  I am living on painkillers,  my brain fuddled with them and as you will read and realise there's one thing you must do when doing a new pattern,  read the instructions.   The first picture is just completely wrong,  it does not lie flat and the petals are all over the place,  I did a ring in the middle as I did not have at this start a doodad but Fox said you could start the pattern with a ring,   but my ring was too small for the pattern.
No 2 I did a larger ring,  not quite right although it did lay a bit better but still the ring in the middle is still not quite bigger enough.   And the reason its not working this silly old nit (I said it no need to repeat it)  used Lizbeth no 20 Scottish Thistle,   why is that wrong....... the pattern says No 40 thread.  For those who don't tat the higher the number the thinner the thread.

No 3 with a doodad I have been given some,  thank you.  Back to no3  this was tatted with No 40 Lizbeth thread Blue River Glades,  I'm not sure about this colour, its not my colouring and I have no idea why I brought it but its something different and so here is the Duchess in all her glory.
I now know the pattern off by heart,   its an easy pattern and different from the usual motif patterns.   I would recommend the pattern but I have learnt one lesson no matter how long you have been tatting - read the instructions for a pattern,  no matter how long you have been tatting the instructions are there to be read for a reason.
I had a blood test a week ago and on Monday the Royal United Hospital in Bath rang me with an appointment for a scan on the next day Tuesday,   and then on Wednesday I had another phone call with an appointment to see the Gynecologist on the 2nd October. all this and we have only been home 10 days.
I was hoping to do the Sunday CD Challenge this week I did print off the image I was going to use but that's sitting on the table,  and looks at me every time I walk pass the table,   this week has not been a very good week.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend,   the weather today is beautiful here in Somerset today but tomorrow we have a weather warning and heavy rain and wind coming in,  the reminds of a hurricane from Florida.
Until we meet again Take Care


  1. I hope you're feeling well soon! I know what you mean about reading patterns... always so important, especially when following new directions However, I am very poor at following that advice. It seems I need to make the mistake before following the directions!

  2. Third time was the charm, eh Margaret? It looks so pretty.
    Hope you are better now, and your weekend is sunnier than forecast. Take care.

  3. I am sorry to hear that you are not well Margaret and hope that you will be feeling better soon. Your tatting is lovely, very talented you are! Michelle x

  4. Hi Margaret, I do hope you feel better soon, your got the pattern right after some practice, gorgeous tatting as always.
    Kevin xx

  5. Sorry to hear you've not well, Margaret and I hope you're feeling better soon. I think your tatting 'doodads' (although I think they look like snowflakes?!?) are lovely - especially no's 2 and 3! I think you cracked it in the end, but then I'm no expert!! Hugs, Marie xx

  6. Hi Margaret I hope you will son be feeling better. This is beautiful work hugs Ginny ♥

  7. Those are all really beautiful!!! :)


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