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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lace Mat Tat Along Challenge


Its pouring with rain and quite windy such a contrast to yesterday,  looks like we have this weather for a couple of days,  its part of the hurricane that has come across the Atlantic from Florida.
Today I am sharing with you round one of the Lace Mat Tat Along which is a challenge to all tatters from Jon in Malaysia,   link to her brilliant blog here.   Please do pop over and have a look at her blog and if you can tat why not join in with the tat along.
The picture is round one I have not blocked it or sewn in the ends but as you can see I have chosen one of my favourite colours Scottish Thistle,  Lizbeth no 20.
The pattern is by Norma Benporaths tatting designs made available on-line from the Trove Website.
Jon got permission from the National Library of Australia,  the body that publishes the Trove site to re-write the patterns using modern notations provided she cite's the original source of each pattern.
Jon has worked out and drawn the pattern out,  she's done the most brilliant drawing, which can be found on her web site.
 I will when I have done each round will post it so you can see my process,   don't expect the mat to be made very quickly will you.
Have a nice day,


  1. Margaret, your start to your lace mat is beautiful! I really do like the thread you're using. I believe I have some in my stash, and now I need to find it so that I can use it!

  2. Great start, Margaret!
    Fox : )

  3. Hi Margaret! Lovely colour greeat start, would you believe it I have also started this doily haven't got as far as you!
    Hugs Margaretha!

  4. A lovely start in an even lovelier colorway!

  5. Margaret they are so beautiful !Ginny ♥


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