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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lace Mat Tat Along Challenge Round 2


This is my 300th post,  so I wanted something brilliant, well that was the idea unfortunately being ill has put way to that so instead here is my round 2 of the Lace Mat Tat along Challenge from Jon,   please see last last post for details.
This challenge is being done all over the world,  by so many tatters, and its amazing what colour combinations have come up with.   I am sticking with my original colour of Lizbeth no 20 Scottish Thistle.  As you can see I have not blocked it yet or  sewn  in my ends.  
I was going to post about Rhodes,  its in the draft section but as I took over 60 photos I am spiting the post in half and will do a special post of the old town with its medieval streets and shops.
I did see this on a wall by the bakery which we walked pass most days,   well some days I did divert into the bakery for a cake,   naughty but I was on holiday.   I think this is a brilliant saying but I have no idea who wrote it,   all I say its in English on a Greek wall......
Well I hope you like my lace mat,  I will post round 3 when I have done it,  in the meantime take care and hope to see you again soon.
Take Care


  1. Hi Margaret, Scottish Thistle is such a pretty colour. To answer you, I have lots of thread colours but I do not have this one.

  2. I like that graffiti a lot ...
    Fox : )

  3. Very pretty colorway....now I want all those other colors people are tatting with :)

  4. Beautiful lace mat Margaret, I like the colours and the pattern.
    Kevin xx

  5. Your lace mat is coming along really well love the colour!

  6. Gorgeous lace Margaret, so pretty....I love the writing on the wall, wonder why it's in English....lol....maybe so the holiday makers will read and have food for thought ....who knows..lol...enjoy the week-end and take care.xx

  7. You have picked a beautiful thread for this lace. Lovely.

  8. Lovely start on the Lace Mat....Beautiful color, one that is on my list for this months order! lol Looking forward to seeing more of the doily. Happy Tatting!

  9. I love your color choice ,I don't have it yet but will have to put it on my wish list.


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