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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rhodes Greece

I think its time I finished this piece about Rhodes,  Rhodes is situated in the south-eastern corner of the Aegean Sea,  11 miles from Turkey,  they have on average 300 days of sunshine,  it is the biggest island in the group of islands called the Dodecanese,  which is part of Greece.  The city of Rhodes itself has been declared a World Heritage Monument by UNESCO.   It plays a large part in Greek Mythology being named after Rhodi daughter of the goddess Aphrodite.
This is just a few pictures of Rhodes Town,  I have so many that I thought I would split the post and show you some today and then do a piece on the old Town with it Medieval Streets and shops.  We took a train ride around Rhodes Town which is the capital of the Island of Rhodes ( or Rodos as the Greeks spell it)  these are just a few of the pictures from the ride.

This is the train that takes visitors around Rhodes Town.

This is the entrance to Mandraki Harbour,  this is the ancient navel harbour of Rhodes.  There are three harbours in Rhodes Town,  the elegant bronze stags on top of the columns,  these are the spots where according to tradition the feet of the Colossus was placed.   sorry its not a very clear picture of the stags.
Beach looking down towards Ixia
Beach on the Windy Side of Rhodes Town

 This picture shows you Turkey,  Turkey is only 11 miles from Rhodes and the Aegean Sea,  doesn't that colour of the water make you want to jump in and swim.

Temple of the Rythian Apollo in the Saint Stefanos Hill overlooking Rhodes Town.

The Horseshoe Stadium probably built in the 2nd century BC

Top of the Hill before going back down into Rhodes Town overlooking towards Ixia.

Another picture of the Temple from the over side as the road goes around before going down the hill.

This beautiful Fountain is opposite Marks and Spencer in Rhodes Town
I leave you with the sunset 

I could write pages and pages about the Greek Mythology but to be honest I don't know enough,  its an island full of History and interesting places to visit.   well worth a visit,  and don't forget 300 days of sunshine. while we were there we did not see a cloud until our last day and then it was just a little puffy white one.
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and in the next couple of days I will post the Old Town.


  1. Thank you Margaret for this blog post on Rhodes. I was fascinated. I hope you enjoyed yourself

  2. Thank you for taking me back there my home was on the Mediterranean side of the island not so windy that side until the winter. Afandou "which in Greek means "invisible" and it is one of the largest and oldest villages on the island. That is my bit of Greek history hugs Ginny ♥

  3. aww margaret, your photo's are beautiful and this is such an interesting post. i've never been to Rhodes but maybe one day, who knows! You were so right about the water, it looks perfect for a swim and oh so tempting.
    thanks for sharing, i can't wait for Old Town now.

    hugs suzanne x

  4. Well, if Rhodes tourism board doesn't give you a free trip soon, they're fools. You've certainly sold me! Now just to find the money!

  5. your phots are stunning margaret.it loks like a beautiful place to visit ;D

    xx coops xx

  6. Love your pics Margaret,so nice to see them.xxx


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